Telesecretary for companies: from telephone reception to omnichannel communication

Methods of business management are evolving year by year. What will never change are the expectations of customers, partners and stakeholders. Strong and consistent communication with all of these parties is and will remain the backbone of a company. As a telesecretary for companies with more than 15 years’ experience, we guarantee your company maximum reachability, both by phone and online.

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Why choose a company telesecretary?

Your company is made up of many employees who are on the road every day. Or a significant proportion of colleagues work partly from home. Or the communication flow is still difficult to oversee following solid growth.

These are all individual scenarios that can put the reachability of employees and the continuity of your services at risk. The possible consequences of this are a decline in customer satisfaction and damage to the company’s image.

As a telesecretary for companies, we at Solutel make sure that this never happens. We man the lines of communication you ask for at your company on the basis of a detailed plan of action. And once we reach cruising speed, it’ll be as if we’re one of your own employees.

Our range of services
What services can your company call on Solutel to provide?
We guarantee all of these services for a price starting at €100 per month, including VAT. Our promise in return?
No more unanswered calls or contacts
The services of a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost of a salaried employee
A hyper-professional addition to your team
Tailor-made script so that our employees know exactly what to do in every scenario
Detailed management of overview of all your calls and messages via Solucall
Direct line of communication with our team

What customers think of our medical telesecretary service

A collaboration without noise on the line, that only works when both parties “understand” each other perfectly. Things are all right between Solutel and construction company Bostoen. Johan and colleagues, thank you for the nice words!

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Ten years ago we became acquainted with Saskia Kerkhofs, a young criminal lawyer in Brussels. A short search on Google was enough to accelerate the collaboration. “Outsourcing my telephone service was one of the first priorities. Especially when I got pregnant.”

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Construction company Bostoen
Saskia Kerkhofs

Would you like to work with
our telesecretary for companies?

Step 01
Introduction and intake interview
What business philosophy and people are we talking about? Come and present your company to us in detail and we'll go over our working methods from our side. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.
Step 02
Detailed roadmap
As soon as we've agreed to work together and completed contract formalities, we put customer communication for your company on the best possible track. Together, we work towards a comprehensive script, in which we write out the most important communication scenarios. This will serve as a basis for our own employees every day.
Step 03
Direct line to our team
Once all systems are in place, we can go live and start working together. We stick closely to agreements made. If you have any questions, you can contact us quickly. Do you want us to handle your telephone permanence? With a simple click, we jump in for you.
Step 04
Overview of all your communications
As a customer you have access to our online Solucall platform. You can manage the follow-up of your communication as well as request a detailed overview of all incoming messages and calls. And it is fully GDPR-proof. If necessary, we also work with your proprietary (cloud) software and/or CRM package.
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