Call less,
more time for your real work


Your patients deserve the best care. In your practice, but also on the phone.

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A missed call is a missed opportunity. And not exactly professional. Thanks to us you will not miss anything.

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A telesecretariat:
something for you?

Whether you have your own practice or are the manager of a company: you are here for the same reason. All those calls are just getting too much. Of maybe you just don’t like to answer them anymore.

A telephone ringing in the middle of a consultation or even an operation. Or a list of missed calls after doing your home visits. It’s not an ideal situation.

It must be done differently and better. But hiring someone, even part-time, is expensive. It not an ideal situation.

Solutel telesecretariat has the perfect solution for you. We handle all your calls and manage your agenda. When and how you want it.

That way you can focus on your real work.

About usMeet our team
Patients and customers are approached in a friendly and personal way
The same employees always handle your calls
Cheaper than secretary (for €135/moint incl. VAT)
Feedback for urgent calls (to GSM or fixed line)
Appointment management via (existing) online agenda

No more annoying rinkling during your consultations or visiting customers.

Our telesecretariat arranges everything for you

What if you want to use us as your telesecretariat? What are the next steps?


Introduction: who are we talking to?

Hi, we are Solutel. But tell us: who are you? And what can we do for you? During this conversation we will get a good look at what you expect from a telephone service.


Plan of action: get the basics done

We translate your wishes into a clear procedure and then we pass on this information to our team of operators. That way they will know what to do in every situation.


Getting started: leave it all to us

We will give you a personal telephone number to which you can redirect your calls. And that’s it! From now on you can be sure that every call will be handled correctly and professionally.

Follow-up: direct line between you and us


We do our thing so that you can concentrate on your real work. Do you have any questions or remarks? Your regular contact person is ready for you.

Solutel in numbers

Time saving time for our customers
Calls answered within 20 seconds
Average answering time in seconds
Telemarketers turned away

Let’s catch up: our latest news


Impulseo: recover part of the costs from your medical telesecretariat

But how does that work? What is the amount of the compensation?

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