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Remote communication with customers, patients or important partners: it is a profession in itself. A profession that has put a headset on our heads and a smile on our faces for more than 15 years. And you can hear it in our voices.

Who we are

When Bea Vanbockryck and Winand Thys Solutel opened up their business in 2007, they were still working from a small office in Diepenbeek. But year after year, we grew bigger and bigger, as did the number of practices and companies we guided in their daily communication. That led to a move to provincial capital Hasselt.

Today we have a team of around 20 people. Perfectly trilingual men and women who love talking, but especially communicating. In a professional, but at the same time personal way. Because the proper and respectful handling of a phone call or contact, is something that we all feel strongly about. This is the only way can achieve our goal: building long-term customer relations.

How can we help you?

Every profession has its own sensitivities when it comes to communicating with the outside world. We chose to assist both medical professions and companies from various sectors with their telephony and online communication. We have honed our expertise over the years, thanks to the many wonderful experiences we have had over the years.

Communicatiemix voor bedrijven
How do we make a difference?

Through our warm, personal approach on the one hand. For example, we are big fans of short lines of communication. But also, by not staying in our comfort zone. The emergence of new communication channels and technologies excludes that sort of behaviour. Which is why we at Solutel are fully committed to the future. This includes the development of our online management platform Solucall.
As a telesecretary, it is and remains our goal to keep up with the times, so that both our medical and commercial customers can continue to choose from a wide range of high-quality services. We also do this by giving our telesecretarial employees plenty of opportunities to continue to grow, including through quality training and retraining.

The 5 strengths of Solutel
from A to Z

Customer friendliness, smile included
Our close cooperation with hundreds of doctors and companies is based on impeccable customer service. Not just friendly, but always with a smile. Because smiling is also something you can hear.
Unique online management platform
Our employees work with Solucall every day, but our customers are also avid users of this online platform. They use Solucall not only to manage and monitor all their own calls and messages in detail, but also as a direct line of communication with the Solutel team.
Local top talent in 3 languages
From our office in Hasselt, our employees answer calls in Dutch, French and English. They ensure that no message gets lost in translation.
15 years of experience (and counting)
Since we started out in 2007, Solutel has gained experience in countless communication situations. Today, our internal roadmap is fully in place and forms the basis of hundreds of successful working relationships with practices and companies of all sizes.
Competitive rates
We offer attractive, competitive rates for both medical professionals and companies. For our medical telesecretary service, rates start from €145 per month (incl. VAT). For companies, rates start from €100 per month (excl. VAT).

What customers think of our medical telesecretary service

A collaboration without noise on the line, that only works when both parties “understand” each other perfectly. Things are all right between Solutel and construction company Bostoen. Johan and colleagues, thank you for the nice words!

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Ten years ago we became acquainted with Saskia Kerkhofs, a young criminal lawyer in Brussels. A short search on Google was enough to accelerate the collaboration. “Outsourcing my telephone service was one of the first priorities. Especially when I got pregnant.”

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Construction company Bostoen
Saskia Kerkhofs

Would you like to work with Solutel?

Step 01
Introduction and intake interview
What are your concerns regarding communication with your customers or patients? Tell us about the day-to-day business of your company or practice and fire any questions you have at us.
Step 02
Detailed roadmap
Are we going to join forces? Great! We're now going to prepare a tailor-made script, which will serve as a guide for our employees. Based on this, they can work with any scenario within your company.
Step 03
Link your well-loved software
Medical professional? At Solutel we can link all our services to your own online planner if you so wish. All information about your calls and messages are thus readily available in your familiar calendar environment. Company? We ensure that our employees can work directly and efficiently with your proprietary (cloud) software and/or CRM package. So, there is no expensive, additional software involved.
Step 04
Direct line to our team
Once all systems are ready to go, we can go live and start working together. We stick closely to agreements made. If you have any questions, you can contact us quickly. Do you want us to take over your telephone calls? With a simple press of a button, we jump in for you.
Step 05
Round-the-clock overview wherever you are
With Solucall you have a central online management platform. You get a complete GDPR-proof overview of all past calls and messages.
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