29 August 2017

Impulseo: recover part of the costs from your medical telesecretariat

But how does that work? What is the amount of the compensation?

If you use a medical telesecretariat, you are entitled to a compensation thanks to Impulseo III. But how does that work? What is the amount of the compensation? What conditions do you have to meet? And how do you apply?

Impulseo III is part of the Belgian Impulsfonds. This fund provides financial resources for everything concerning the establishment and operation of general practitioners’ practices. Impulseo III regulates the exact conditions of the compensation if you call upon a medical telesecretariat such as ours. Because the fund believes that this helps you with your administrative management. And thus this results in a better and more efficient operation of your practice.

For whom?

Both individually recognized general practitioners and groups of general practitioners are entitled to such support.

What amount are we talking about?

For the individually recognized general practitioner, the amount is equal to half the actual costs. With a maximum of 3,474 EUR/year.

As a group of general practitioners, the amount you recover through Impulseo is equal to half the actual wage cost. This with a maximum of 3,474 EUR/year per recognized general practitioner who is part of your group. This is subject to the condition that there is a cooperation agreement between the recognized general practitioners of your group.

What does Impulseo III mean by a medical group?

It is a group when at least two recognized general practitioners work together. Either at the same site, or at different sites located in the same GP area or in two adjacent areas.

Such cooperation must be laid down in a written cooperation agreement containing the following provisions:

  • the way in which the amount of the compensation is devised;
  • the modalities for internal consultation between all participating general practitioners;
  • the procedures for consulting the Global Medical Files;
  • the rules under which decisions are taken;
  • the procedure for terminating the cooperation agreement.

The Belgian Participatiefonds manages your application 

The Belgian RIZIV has concluded an agreement with the Participatiefonds for the management of Impulseo III. You can apply for compensation through one of the medical syndicates or one of the support points with which the Participatiefonds cooperates. But we can arrange all of that for you!


To apply for the compensation, you have until June 30 to bring in the wage costs of the previous year.

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