Solutel, your telesecretariat

Who are we?

Solutel was started in June 2007 by Bea Vanbockryck and Winand Thys. We started working from a small office in Diepenbeek, but due to the growing demand for telephone permanence, we moved to our brand-new offices at Hendrik van Veldekesingel in Hasselt.


What do we do?

Our telephone permanence strives for an optimal handling of every call. Our employees are the greatest added value. That’s why we constantly invest in education and training. In addition, we attach great importance to personal contact with you – our (future) customer.


How do we it all?

Our experienced team of operators handles all your calls in a professional way. A telemarketer on the other side of the line? We will find an excuse to get out of it. A patient who wants to make an appointment? That we will enter directly in your agenda. An urgent call? Then we will obviously redirect the caller to you.

Through the online calendar  Introlution you can view, change and of course book the appointments you have made. Because all changes are made in real time, double bookings are basically impossible.

As a professional telephone permanence, we are also familiar with the following agendas:

Introlution, Sanmax, Doctena, Medici, Crossuite, Resengo (Dixys).


What makes us different?

Why would you trust us with your telephone permanence? And not our competitors? Because we work with a team. Your practice or company will be assigned a permanent team of about five employees. The advantages of such a team?

  • They understand what is important to you and after a while they know the way you work by heart.
  • This creates a sense of responsibility. They are no longer just ‘your’ customers or patients, but also those of your permanent team.
  • Your patients or customers always get the same familiar voice(s) on the line.

Telephone permanence when and how you want it

You choose when you want to use our telephone permanence. We offer three formulas:

  • Formule 1From Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Except on public holidays.
  • Formule 2From Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Except on public holidays.
  • Formule 3 Telephone permanence or customer service: 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

During our introductory meeting you decide for yourself when what will happen in a certain situation. This way you can be sure that every phone call and patient or customer gets the attention they deserve.


The result?

You will have more time for what is important. While your patients or customers get the attention they deserve, both from you and from us.


No more annoying rinkling during your consultations or visiting customers.

Your telephone service takes care of everything

What if you want to engage us as your telephone service? What would be the next steps?


Introduction: who are we talking to?

Hi, we are Solutel. But tell us: who are you? And what can we do for you? During this conversation we will get a good look at what you expect from a telephone service.


Plan of action: get the basics done

We translate your wishes into a clear procedure and then we pass on this information to our team of operators. That way they will know what to do in every situation.


Getting started: leave it all to us

We will give you a personal telephone number to which you can redirect your calls. And that’s it! From now on you can be sure that every call will be handled correctly and professionally.

Follow-up: direct line between you and us


We do our thing so that you can concentrate on your real work. But do you have questions or comments? Your regular contact person is ready for you.

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