You want to spend less time

on the phone and more

time with your patients?

Appointment planner for your practice

You are a doctor-specialist. Your patients count on your expertise when it really matters. You like to take your time for them.

But do you really have the time for that with all those incoming calls? Because of course you are constantly busy with your real work. Moreover, do you have any idea how much time would be saved if you had your calls handled by our medical telesecretariat?

And that is exactly what our appointment management does for you: handle all your incoming calls in a professional manner. Filter your calls, book patients who call for an appointment and forward urgent calls.

Choose our telephone permanence so you can focus on your patient:

  • Formule Medical From Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. Except on public holidays.
    You decide when you want to forward and do not need to notify us in advance. Easy and flexible!
  • No more unnecessary phone calls during your consultation hours.
  • No more missed calls when you get back from your home visits.
  • Your patients get the attention they deserve.
  • A professionally managed and well-organized agenda.
  • From 135€/month – a lot cheaper than a secretary.
  • An appointment planner that works when and how you want it.
  • One regular contact person for all your questions.
  • Your patients can get used to the same familiar voice(s) on the line.
  • Clear agreements on urgent calls.

(worth 75 euro) *When subscribing for at least 3 months
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Appointment management the way you want it

What if you entrust your appointment management to us? What are the next steps?


Introduction: who are we talking to?

Hi, we are Solutel. But tell us: who are you? And what can we do for you? During this conversation we will get a good look at what you expect from a telephone service.


Getting started: leave it all to us

We will give you a personal telephone number to which you can redirect your calls. And that’s it! From now on you can be sure that every call will be handled correctly and professionally.


Getting started: leave it all to us

We will give you a personal telephone number to which you can redirect your calls. And that’s it! From now on you can be sure that every call will be handled correctly and professionally.

Follow-up: direct line between you and us


We do our thing so that you can concentrate on your real work. But do you have questions or comments? Your regular contact person is ready for you.

No more annoying rinkling during your consultations or visiting customers.

Who is calling?

An appointment planner – is that really something my practice could use? Will my patients accept it if they get someone other than me on the phone? Will it not be impersonal? And can these telephonists correctly assess what they should do in certain cases?

You have a lot of questions and that’s normal. Your colleagues had the same questions. But actually, it’s really simple. You tell us once how you want us to talk to your patients. You explain to us what to do with urgent calls. And how much time we have to schedule for certain types of appointments.

And then our experienced team of telephonists will get it right for you.

More about us?Meet our team
One permanent team that your patients speak to.
Your appointment planners have extensive experience in the profession.
After an average of barely 12 seconds, we are already answering.
We answer 92% of all calls within 20 seconds.
One contact person for all your questions.
One contact person for all your questions.
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