How can we
help you?

Tailor-made solutions
Well-trained team
Personal approach
State-of-the-art software

What we do

You no longer manage to bolster the daily flow of contacts? Or it’s difficult to guarantee permanence for your customers?
Solutel contact centre offers you the solution. We handle all your customer contacts professionally.
When you want it and the way you want it.

Take up and follow up

We take orders through various channels and monitor them carefully.

(after sales)

We handle calls or questions from your customers with a technical problem, transfer them to a service centre or schedule a technician.

Dispatching of

Your customer has an urgent technical problem and straightaway a technician needs to go along? We quickly contact a technician using a waiting list or a cascade system.

Welcome calls
and evaluations

You want to welcome new customers personally? Or you want to be sure that the customer has received a certain brochure? We’ll contact your customer.

No more annoying rinkling during your consultations or visiting customers.

Our customer service is easily reachable

Your customers no longer only contact you by phone. Thanks to Solutel’s multi-channel approach, your contact can also take the form of e-mail chat, SMS or social media. Our service? It’s completely tailored to what your customers need.


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